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I grew up in the Netherlands, and for as long as I can remember I've always been obsessed with human behavior. On a quest to find out why people act the way they do, I pursued my Bachelors in social psychology.


After my Bachelors, I pursued my Master's at Leiden University (a prestigious, nationally acclaimed Dutch University). Here I graduated Cum Laude in Economic and Consumer Psychology, specialised online behaviour.

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As I dived deeper in the tech world through my education and work, I realized Amsterdam was too small for my big dreams. It was inevitable for me to move to San Francisco where it all happens.

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"When you’re able to master psychology, you know how people think, how people act. You know how to play into that."


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I've worked in a variety of industries, from consumer social apps, eCommerce, telecommunication and airports, to "useless" websites that went viral.


Islands is a group messaging app (based in Silicon Valley) that's taking over college campuses. I'm building Islands as a full time consultant.

Slap Kirk

Slap kirk ("most useless website") went viral, using psychological growth strategies. 32K+ users shared our game on facebook. Product Hunt, Cult of Mac, and more wrote about us.


Roamler is a crowdsourced market research app, with $7.15M in funding. As one of the first team members,  I researched and translated community engagement metrics into actionable strategies.


Tele2 is a major European telecommunications operator, with about 14 million customers. As a social media expert I enhanced the customer experience.

Rotterdam the hague airport

At rotterdam the hague airport I performed a practical research on influence tactics to enhance the consumption of healthy foods at the airport cafeteria.

grey matters

Grey Matters applies science backed persuasion tactics on marketing, sales and cross-media campaigns. At this utmost exciting company I performed my graduation research.


As a product and research consultant,  I examined psychological influence tactics to translate customers wants and needs into product functionality.

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